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Συχνές ερωτήσεις

  • How long should my service take?
    Typical turnaround time for all jobs is same day max one business day after the bike arrives at our shop.
  • Do you service bike brands other than BH and Lombardo?
    Yes, we can serve most bikes available in the market and if we can't we will be able to refer you to a bike shop that can.
  • Can you get any bikes found on the BH and Lombardo websites?
    Yes, we are the Reps for these two comanies along with the Reverse Componnents parts / accessories.
  • How much does service cost?
    Usually a basic service for kids costs 10 euros and for adults 20 plus the cost of any parts if needed.
  • Can you pick up and drop of my bike for service?
    Yes, we do also offer this service and if the cost is over 30 euros we do this at NO CHARGE!
  • What happens if i want a bike that you currently don't have in stock?
    If you order a bike we will give you an addiitonal dscount.
  • What warranty comes with your new bikes?
    BH bikes come with a lifetime frame warranty and 2 years on parts. Lombardo gives 2 years warranty overall and 3 years on the frame as long as you register it with Lombardo when you buy it.
  • Do you take trade-ins?
    Yes, bring your bike in and we can trade it for either another used bike or a new one.
  • Do you do bike wash?
    Yes, we have a variety of products we use for bike washing to make sure we properly wash your bike to its own specifications.
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